Family Lines in Japan #3

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Family Lines in Japan

Family Lines in Japan #3

Sevigne family

Family Name Sevigne / セヴアイン (セヴァイン)
Background Born in USA in 1921 and moved to Japan in 1928
From / Family Number Ballantrae family / F-No.5-j
To  China Tosho family
Famous Horses
Dokan Yashima
(Samantha Tosho, Tosho Balkan, Sweep Tosho, Pink Kamehameha) in China Tosho family
  • China Tosho family continued as one of the family lines of Tosho Bokujo (Tosho Farm).
  • The most famous horse in the Sevigne family in Japan is Sweep Tosho.
  • Pink Kamehameha gained attention by winning the Saudi Derby in 2021 in Saudi Arabia, the country that has been most active in horse racing in recent years.
  • Dokan Yashima has the rare record of winning graded races for six consecutive years (although the first two years were before the grading system was established).
  • It can be said that Sevigne family has few successful horses, even though it has been a long time.
    The Sevigne family line was in danger of being severed for a while, but thanks to Sweep Tosho, it seems to have held on.

Quick Lunch family

Family Name Quick Lunch / クヰツクランチ (クイックランチ)
Background Born in USA in 1922 and moved to Japan in 1929
From / Family Number Artless family / F-No.4-e
To  Shadai Clear family
Famous Horses
Takahata, My Super Man, Toshi Green, Star Man, Garbo
(Dynamite Daddy, Tunante, Ingrandire) in Shadai Clear family
  • At present, Ingrandire is the only horse in the Quick Lunch family to have won a G1-level race.
  • Mares from the Shadai Clear family were bred on Shadai Group farms.
  • Star Man is famous for being the only horse to beat Narita Brian as a 3-year-old.

Craigdarroch family – Star Roch family

Family Name Craigdarroch / クレイグダーロツチ (クレイグダーロッチ)
Background Born in GB in 1922 and moved to Japan in 1926
From / Family Number St.Angela family / F-No.11-a
To  Corona family – Star Roch family
Famous Horses
Eyeful, Big Sunday
(Star Roch, Long Hayabusa, Kosei, Mihono Bourbon) in Corona family
  • Craigdarroch is a descendant of Angelica, sister of the great stallion St. Simon.
  • Outside of Star Roch and the Star Roch family, Mihono Bourbon is the most famous horse.
Family Name Star Roch / スターロツチ (スターロッチ)
Background Born in JPN in 1957
From / Family Number Corona family / F-No.11-a
To  Angelica family, Powerful Lady family
Famous Horses
Hard Berge, Osumi Roch, Matikanetannhauser, Wako Chikako, Dantsu Judge
(Sakura Shingeki, Sakura Yutaka O, Sakura Star O) in Angelica family
(Marubutsu Sekai O, Winning Ticket, Royal Touch, Air Selecao, Dance Director) in Powerful Lady family
  • Star Roch was very successful as a racehorse and then worked as a broodmare.
    Her foals were not very successful, but many of her grand-foals and later horses were successful.
  • Sakura Yutaka O, a very successful stallion, and the double crown winner Sakura Star O and the Derby winner Winning Ticket are very famous.
  • The Angelica family has many horses owned by the “Sakura” Group.
    (As mentioned above, another horse named Angelica is also an ancestor of Angelica.)
  • The Powerful Lady family is still a thriving family line today.

Sunderby family

Family Name Sunderby / サンダービー
Background Born in GB in 1922 and moved to Japan in 1928
From / Family Number Ethel family / F-No.8-a
Famous Horses
Takara Steal, Raiden Leader, Hikari Oso
  • The Sunderby family line is a family line that has been around for quite some time, but very few horses have been successful.
  • Raiden Leader was a NAR horse, but she also ran in JRA races and was the horse that inspired the jockey Katsumi Ando to move to JRA.

Canadian Girl family

Family Name Canadian Girl / カナデアンガール
Background Born in GB in 1923 and moved to Japan in 1929
From / Family Number Maid of Burghley family / F-No.2-e
Famous Horses
Takamagahara, Long Grace, Lucky Okame, Mitsuaki Turbine, Kiss to Heaven, Kafuji Take, Time to Heaven
  • The Canadian Girl family’s mares have been scattered to various farms and have produced many successful horses for a long time.
  • A good number of Canadian Girl family mares are still breeding today.

Stephania family

Family Name Stephania / ステフアニア (ステファニア)
Background Born in GB in 1923 and moved to Japan in 1930
From / Family Number Ringlet family / F-No.8-c
To  Chie Queen family
Famous Horses
Shingun, Meisho Regnum, Denko Ange
(Fujino Parthia, Three Giants, Western George, Higashi Majorca) in Chie Queen family
  • Among the Stephania family, only the brothers Fujino Parthia and Three Giants have won G1-level races.
  • The Stephania family has been very active in the 1970s.
  • A good number of mares were active until around 2010, but since then the number has decreased.
    In recent years, Denko Ange has been successful, but there are few other horses that have been successful.

Sereta family – Eigetsu family 

Family Name Sereta / セレタ
Background Born in GB in 1923 and moved to Japan in 1929
From / Family Number Sam Mare family / F-No.1-b
To  Eigetsu family 
Famous Horses
Tetsu Banzai (Eigetsu)
  • Sereta gave birth to Tetsu Banzai.
    Tetsu Banzai won the Oaks, and worked as a broodmare under the name Eigetsu.
    Sereta family remained as Eigetsu family.
Family Name Eigetsu / 英月
Background Born in JPN in 1938
From / Family Number Sereta family / F-No.1-b
To  Mogami Hime family
Famous Horses
Kuripero, Kurihide, Katsu R, Raiba Kohaku, Nishino Raiden, Daitaku Yamato
(Laurel Guerreiro, Deep Bond, North Bridge, Touch Wood) in Mogami Hime family
  • Horses in the Eigetsu family line have been successful in all types of conditions, including long distance, short distance, turf, dirt, and steeplechase.
  • Even in recent years, the horses of the Mogami Hime family have been successful, and the Mogami Hime family is likely to develop further.

Flippancy family

Family Name Flippancy / フリツパンシー (フリッパンシー)
Background Born in GB in 1924 and moved to Japan in 1928
From / Family Number Parma family / F-No.22-b
Famous Horses
Taiho, Saint Lite, Kuri Hikari (Arbeit), Tosa Midori, Yashima Hime, North Gust, Meine Samantha
  • Flippancy is a mare of quite a good pedigree, as she was imported by Koiwai Farm.
    Her foals must have grown up in favorable conditions for their time.
    Taiho, Saint Lite, Kuri Hikari, and Tosa Midori are her foals and became successful racehorses.
    Saint Lite and Tosa Midori are especially famous.
    Saint Lite was the first Triple Crown winner in Japan, and Tosa Midori was a very successful stallion.
  • Flippancy’s foals were very successful, but the Flippancy family horses since then have not been so successful.
    The most recent success was Meine Samantha, born in 2000, but her foals have not been successful, and the Flippancy family line is on the verge of extinction.

Shrilly family – Queen Narubi family

Family Name Shrilly / シユリリー (シュリリー)
Background Born in AUS in 1925 and moved to Japan in 1930
From / Family Number Jeu d’Esprit family / F-No.7-b
To  Queen Narubi family
Famous Horses
Tosa Mitsuru, Queen Narubi, Rinden Lily, Yamakatsu Lily, Komano Impulse
  • Queen Narubi is famous for winning the Tenno Sho (Autumn), a race at 3200 meters at the time, by setting a race record, despite being a mare.
    Queen Narubi also became a successful broodmare, and the Queen Narubi family developed independently from the Shirley family.
Family Name Queen Narubi / クインナルビー
Background Born in JPN in 1949
From / Family Number Shrilly family / F-No.7-b
To  Kyoei March family
Famous Horses
Andre Amon, Oguri Cap, Oguri Roman, Kyoei March
(Triumph March, Marche Lorraine, Badenweiler, Namur, Ravel) in Kyoei March family
  • After all, Oguri Cap is the greatest shining star in the world of Japanese horse racing.
    There will probably be no horse in the future that will make Japanese people more enthusiastic about horse racing than he did.
  • The descendants of Kyoei March have been active in recent years, including Marche Lorraine.
    Kyoei March produced only one mare, but it is likely that the Kyoei March family will be active in the future.

Devonia family – Mejiro Bosatsu family

Family Name Devonia / デヴオーニア (デヴォーニア)
Background Born in USA in 1925 and moved to Japan in 1930
From / Family Number Braxey family / F-No.10-a
To  Mejiro Bosatsu family
Famous Horses
Homareboshi, Verona, Mejiro Bosatsu, Hida Roman, St.Caesar, Fresh Voice
  • Good horses have been produced from the Devonia family line.
  • Homare Boshi and Fresh Voice are well known, but outside of the Mejiro Bosatsu family, there are no horses that can be considered exceptional stars.
  • Other than the Mejiro Bosatsu family, the Devonia family is much smaller.
Family Name Mejiro Bosatsu / メジロボサツ
Background Born in JPN in 1963
From / Family Number Devonia family / F-No.10-a
Famous Horses
Mejiro Gekko, Mejiro Monterey, Mejiro Pharaoh, Mejiro Dober, Shonan Lagoon, Maurice, Ho O Ixelles
  • Mejiro Bosatsu family line is one of Mejiro Farms’ four major family lines.
  • Mejiro Dober and Maurice are especially famous.

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