Fuji Kiseki

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Name / Japanese Fuji Kiseki / フジキセキ
Birth Year 1992
Sex male
Earnings 129,650,000 yen
Races-Win / G1-Win 4-4 / 1-1
Sire Sunday Silence
Dam (Sire) Millracer (Le Fabuleux)
Other site link  JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Best Two-Year-Old Colt (1994)

All races

Track Race No. Pl.
New Comers 2 1
Momiji Stakes (OP) 7 1
Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes (G1) 1 1  
Hochi Hai Yayoi Sho (G2) 9 1 G

“フジキセキ 全レース” (“Fuji Kiseki All races”) 

  • Fuji Kiseki is the first generation of Sunday Silence’s crops.
    Before the debut of Fuji Kiseki, Sunday Silence’s crops  were winning one after another.
    It was described “サンデーサイレンス旋風”.
    (A literal translation of that phrase into English would be “Sunday Silence whirlwind.”
    A better way to describe it would be “Sunday Silence fever”, “Sunday Silence furor” or “Great Sensation of Sunday Silence.”)
  • In the New Comers race, he got off to a very slow start.
    But despite the 1200m race, he won by 8 lengths.
  • In the Momiji Stakes, his jockey did not make a movement.
    He won this race easily.
    Tayasu Tsuyoshi who was the second place in this race is the later Derby horse.
  • In the Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes, he won by neck.
    His jockey wasn’t using a stick in this race.
  • In the Hochi Hai Yayoi Sho, he took the lead in the home stretch.
    He was nearly overtaken by Hokkai Rousseau, but he increased the lead from there.
    After all he won this race by 2.5 lengths.
    His finishing kick was metaphorically said “Two-stage rocket”.
  • Many people thought he would be a Triple Crown horse, but he retired due to a bowed tendon.
    He was often said to be the greatest crop of Sunday Silence until Agnes Tachyon or Deep Impact came out.

Stud Career

  • Until around 2005,
    Fuji Kiseki’s crops were thought to be a precocious miler with a tendency to get injured.
    They could not play an active part in a big competition.
  • However, the training equipment had advanced and a suitable training method had been established for his crops.
    And his sire, great stallion Sunday Silence died.
    His crops began to play an active part.
  • He is a sire of such as Kane Hekili, Dream Passport, Isla Bonita, Straight Girl and Kinshasa no Kiseki.

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