Japanese Horse Racing in 1997

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  • Dirt racing grading has begun.
    These were Japan’s own rating, like many other turf races, and were not international G1 races.
    February Stakes hosted by JRA was promoted from a G2 race to a G1 race.
    Teio Sho, Mile Championship Nambu Hai, Derby Grand Prix, Tokyo Daishoten, and Kawasaki Kinen, hosted by the associations belonging to NAR, became G1 races.
    (Kawasaki Kinen would be from the next year.)
  • Hokuto Vega ran in the second Dubai World Cup, but fell and died of a broken bone.
  • Sunny Brian won the Double Crown.
  • Air Groove won the JRA Award for Horse of the Year for the first time in 26 years as a filly.
  • The three top horses, Sakura Laurel, Mayano Top Gun and Marvelous Sunday, faced off in the Tenno Sho (Spring).
    The final standings from first to third place were also dominated by the top three horses.
    This race is considered a famous and great race.

G1 races held by JRA

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
February Stakes Tokyo
over 4 / CFG Shinko Windy
Oka Sho Hanshin
3 / F Kyoei March
Satsuki Sho Nakayama
3 / CF Sunny Brian
Tenno Sho (Spring) Kyoto
over 4 / CF Mayano Top Gun
NHK Mile Cup Tokyo
3 / CF Seeking the Pearl
Takamatsunomiya Hai Chukyo
over 4 / CFG Shinko King
Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Tokyo
3 / F Mejiro Dober
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) Tokyo
3 / CF Sunny Brian
Yasuda Kinen Tokyo
over 3 / CFG Taiki Blizzard
Takarazuka Kinen Hanshin
over 3 / CFG Marvelous Sunday
Shuka Sho Kyoto
3 / F Mejiro Dober
Tenno Sho (Autumn) Tokyo
over 3 / CF Air Groove
Kikuka Sho Kyoto
3 / CF Matikanefukukitaru
Queen Elizabeth II Cup Kyoto
over 3 / F Erimo Chic
Mile Championship Kyoto
over 3 / CFG Taiki Shuttle
Japan Cup Tokyo
over 3 / CFG Pilsudski (UK)
Hanshin Sansai Himba Stakes Hanshin
2 / F Ein Bride
Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes Nakayama
2 / CG Grass Wonder
Sprinters Stakes Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Taiki Shuttle
Arima Kinen Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Silk Justice

G1 races held by NAR

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
Teio Sho Ohi
over 4 / CFG Concert Boy
Mile Championship Nambu Hai Morioka
over 3 / CFG Taiki Sherlock
Derby Grand Prix Morioka
3 / CFG T.M.Megaton
Tokyo Daishoten Ohi
over 3 / CFG Toyo Seattle G

JRA Award

Horse of the Year Air Groove
Best Two-Year-Old Colt Grass Wonder
Best Two-Year-Old Filly Ein Bride
Best Three-Year-Old Colt Sunny Brian
Best Three-Year-Old Filly Mejiro Dober
Best Older Male Horse Marvelous Sunday
Best Older Filly or Mare Air Groove
Best Sprinter or Miler Taiki Shuttle
Best Dirt Horse /
Best Steeplechase Horse Our Paragon
Best Horse By Home-bred Sire Mejiro Dober


Leading sire in Japan Sunday Silence


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