Japanese Horse Racing in 1998

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  • The classic year of “the Strongest Generation”
    Seiun Sky and Special Week competed in the classic races.
    El Condor Pasa and Grass Wonder could not run in the classic races because they were foreign-bred horses.
    However, El Condor Pasa won the NHK Mile Cup and the Japan Cup, and Grass Wonder won the Arima Kinen, and they both showed great success.
    Other horses of this generation include such as Air Jihad, King Halo and Wing Arrow.
    Horses of this generation won all the flat-G1 races that existed in JRA at the time, although some of them were accomplished in other years.
  • Seeking the Pearl and Taiki Shuttle won a G1 race in France.
    The Japanese horse racing community began to show its presence in the world and became more conscious of the world.
    El Condor Pasa’s connections announced next year’s overseas tour.
  • Silence Suzuka played a big role and died an untimely death.
  • The name of the Takamatsunomiya Hai was changed to Takamatsunomiya Kinen.

G1 races held by JRA

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
February Stakes Tokyo
over 4 / CFG Gourmet Frontier
Oka Sho Hanshin
3 / F Phalaenopsis
Satsuki Sho Nakayama
3 / CF Seiun Sky
Tenno Sho (Spring) Kyoto
over 4 / CF Mejiro Bright
NHK Mile Cup Tokyo
3 / CF El Condor Pasa
Takamatsunomiya Kinen Chukyo
over 4 / CFG Shinko Forest
Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Tokyo
3 / F Erimo Excel
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) Tokyo
3 / CF Special Week
Yasuda Kinen Tokyo
over 3 / CFG Taiki Shuttle
Takarazuka Kinen Hanshin
over 3 / CFG Silence Suzuka
Shuka Sho Kyoto
3 / F Phalaenopsis
Tenno Sho (Autumn) Tokyo
over 3 / CF Offside Trap
Kikuka Sho Kyoto
3 / CF Seiun Sky
Queen Elizabeth II Cup Kyoto
over 3 / F Mejiro Dober
Mile Championship Kyoto
over 3 / CFG Taiki Shuttle
Japan Cup Tokyo
over 3 / CFG El Condor Pasa
Hanshin Sansai Himba Stakes Hanshin
2 / F Stinger
Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes Nakayama
2 / CG Admire Cozzene
Sprinters Stakes Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Meiner Love
Arima Kinen Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Grass Wonder

G1 races held by NAR

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
Kawasaki Kinen Kawasaki
over 4 / CFG Abukuma Poro G
Teio Sho Ohi
over 4 / CFG Abukuma Poro G
Mile Championship Nambu Hai Morioka
over 3 / CFG Meisei Opera
Derby Grand Prix Mizusawa
3 / CFG Narita Homare
Tokyo Daishoten Ohi
over 3 / CFG Abukuma Poro G

JRA Award

Horse of the Year Taiki Shuttle
Best Two-Year-Old Colt Admire Cozzene
Best Two-Year-Old Filly Stinger
Best Three-Year-Old Colt El Condor Pasa
Best Three-Year-Old Filly Phalaenopsis
Best Older Male Horse Taiki Shuttle
Best Older Filly or Mare Mejiro Dober
Best Sprinter or Miler Taiki Shuttle
Best Dirt Horse Wing Arrow
Best Steeplechase Horse Northern Rainbow
Best Horse By Home-bred Sire Mejiro Bright
Special Award Silence Suzuka


Leading sire in Japan Sunday Silence


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