Japanese Horse Racing in 2001

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  • Changing the horse age notation
    The notation of a horse’s age, which was previously counted from one year of age, became the international notation, counting from zero years of age.
    Along with this, the names of terms with age notation, such as race names and JRA Award, have been changed.
    In G1 races, the name of Hanshin Sansai Himba Stakes was changed to Hanshin Juvenile Fillies, and the name of Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes was changed to Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes.
    (Sansai = 3 sai = 3 years old)
    ///Notation of terms before this year on this site///
    The name of the race remains the name under which it was done at the time.
    All other names are written in the new notation.
  • Since this year, foreign-bred horses can now run in classic races.
    From 2001: Tokyo Yushun, Kikuka Sho
    From 2002: Satsuki Sho
    From 2003: Yushun Himba
    From 2004: Oka Sho
  • The race conditions of Nakayama Grand Jump were changed from 4100 meters to 4250 meters.
  • JBC (Japan Breeding farms’ Cup) was established.
    Referring to the U.S. Breeders’ Cup, two G1 races, JBC Sprint and JBC Classic, are held at different Racecourses in different years.
    The name was originally planned to remain the same as the original name, Japan Breeders’ Cup, but the U.S. committee got angry with the name, so the name was changed to Japan Breeding farms’ Cup.

Flat-G1 races held by JRA

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
February Stakes Tokyo
over 4 / CFG Nobo True
Takamatsunomiya Kinen Chukyo
over 4 / CFG Trot Star
Oka Sho Hanshin
3 / F T.M. Ocean
Satsuki Sho Nakayama
3 / CF Agnes Tachyon
Tenno Sho (Spring) Kyoto
over 4 / CF T.M. Opera O
NHK Mile Cup Tokyo
3 / CF Kurofune
Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Tokyo
3 / F Lady Pastel
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) Tokyo
3 / CF Jungle Pocket
Yasuda Kinen Tokyo
over 3 / CFG Black Hawk
Takarazuka Kinen Hanshin
over 3 / CFG Meisho Doto
Sprinters Stakes Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Trot Star
Shuka Sho Kyoto
3 / F T.M. Ocean
Kikuka Sho Kyoto
3 / CF Manhattan Cafe
Tenno Sho (Autumn) Tokyo
over 3 / CF Agnes Digital
Queen Elizabeth II Cup Kyoto
over 3 / F To the Victory
Mile Championship Kyoto
over 3 / CFG Zenno El Cid
Japan Cup Dirt Tokyo
over 3 /CFG Kurofune
Japan Cup Tokyo
over 3 / CFG Jungle Pocket
Hanshin Juvenile Fillies Hanshin
2 / F Tamuro Cherry
Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes Nakayama
2 / CG Admire Don
Arima Kinen Nakayama
over 3 / CFG Manhattan Cafe

J・G1 races (Steeplechase)

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
Nakayama Grand Jump Nakayama
over 4 / CFG Gokai
Nakayama Daishogai Nakayama
over 4 / CFG Yu Fuyoho

G1 races held by NAR

Races Track age / (Colt Filly Gelding) 1st
Kawasaki Kinen Kawasaki
over 4 / CFG Regular Member G
Teio Sho Ohi
over 4 / CFG Makiba Sniper G
Japan Dirt Derby Ohi
3 / CFG Toshin Bllizard G
Derby Grand Prix Morioka
3 / CFG Mugamuchu
Mile Championship Nambu Hai Morioka
over 3 / CFG Agnes Digital
JBC Sprint Ohi
over 3 / CFG Nobo Jack
JBC Classic Ohi
over 3 / CFG Regular Member
Tokyo Daishoten Ohi
over 3 / CFG Toho Emperor G

JRA Award

Horse of the Year Jungle Pocket
Best Two-Year-Old Colt Admire Don
Best Two-Year-Old Filly Tamuro Cherry
Best Three-Year-Old Colt Jungle Pocket
Best Three-Year-Old Filly T.M. Ocean
Best Older Male Horse Agnes Digital
Best Older Filly or Mare To the Victory
Best Sprinter or Miler Trot Star
Best Dirt Horse Kurofune
Best Steeplechase Horse Gokai
Best Horse By Home-bred Sire /
Special Award Stay Gold


Leading sire in Japan Sunday Silence


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