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Name / Japanese Kaburaya O / カブラヤオー
Birth Year 1972
Sex horse
Earnings 179,587,300 yen
Races-Wins 12-10
Sire Pharamond
Dam (Sire) Kaburaya (Darannour)
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Awards Yushun Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1975)
Yushun Award for Horse of the Year (1975)
  • Kaburaya O was small and timid, perhaps because he was born late.
    For this reason, he did not attract buyers even at a low price, and trainers to manage him were hard to find.
    Moreover, he never showed good movement in training.

All races

Track Race No. Pl.   
Maiden 4 2  
Maiden 13 1  
Hiiragi Sho 3 1  
Junior Cup 3 1  
Tokyo Yonsai Stakes 4 1   / G 
Hochi Hai Yayoi Sho 1 1   / G 
Satsuki Sho 10 1   / G 
NHK Hai 10 1   / G 
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 12 1   / G 
over 3yo 3 1  
over 3yo 1 11  
Tankyori Stakes 2 1  
  • He finished 2nd in his debut race, and then won his first race in his next start.
    In the next race, Hiiragi Sho, he was the eighth favorite, but won by 6 lengths over the 2nd-place finisher.
    His victory at Hiiragi Sho surprised his connection and changed their perception.
    Horse racing fans began to recognize his ability, and from the next race until his retirement he was the 1st favorite.
  • Before the Tokyo Yonsai Stakes, the jockey, Yasuo Sugawara, was faced with the problem of choosing between Tesco Gaby and Kaburaya O.
    Both Sugawara and Kaburaya O belonged to the stable of trainer Tamejiro Mogi. (Please note that perhaps I am reading Tamejiro Mogi’s name incorrectly.)
    Mogi gave Sugawara the benefit of the doubt, telling to Sugawara, “If you refuse to ride a horse from another stable, there is no guarantee that you will be able to ride again.”, so Sugawara chose Tesco Gaby.
    Kaburaya O was to be ridden by Sugawara’s younger apprentice, Sumio Kanno.
    In the Race, Kaburaya O took the lead, with Tesco Gaby running behind him.
    In the home stretch, Kaburaya O was surprised when he was hit with a stick and ran to the right.
    Tesco Gaby hesitated for a moment at Kaburaya O’s move, then chased Kaburaya O but fell just short.
    Kaburaya O won by a head.
  • In the Satsuki Sho, he was the 1st favorite.
    Kaburaya O tried to take the lead as usual right at the start of the race, but Lake Sprinter did not relinquish the lead either.
    They ran the first 1,000 meters in 58.9 seconds, a lap time comparable to a short-distance race.
    Lake Sprinter stalled before the final corner.
    Kaburaya O did not stall and won by 2+1/2 lengths over the 2nd-place finisher.
    Lake Sprinter broke his leg during the race and was euthanized after the race.
    For this reason, their run was later referred to as the “殺人ラップ (killer lap time)”, “狂気のハイペース (insanely fast pace)”, etc., and also as an indication that Kaburaya O won with a tremendous run.
    Toshiro Oshida, who was riding Lake Sprinter, later said tearfully, “Kaburaya O is not common, he is a monster.
  • In the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), he was the 1st favorite.
    He took the lead, but Top Jiro pressed him.
    The Derby was longer than the Satsuki Sho, but the pace was faster than that of the Satsuki Sho.
    Kaburaya O finished in 1st place while generating a phenomenally fast pace and wobbling at the end.
    Yasuo Sugawara, jockey, won two spring filly classic races, the Oka Sho and Oaks, with Tesco Gaby, and two spring colt classic races, the Satsuki Sho and Derby, with Kaburaya O.
    (As of 2022, only Yasuo Sugawara has won all four spring classic races in the same year.)
    His lap times at this time were 58.6 seconds for the first 1000 meters and 1:11.8 for the first 1200 meters.
    No horse ran the first 1,200 meters of the Derby faster than Kaburaya O until Meiner Blau in the 2000 Derby.
    In addition, Meiner Blau stalled out in the middle of the race and finished 14th.
  • In the autumn, he was expected to win the Kikuka Sho and become a Triple Crown winner.
    However, he developed bowed tendon, which was caused by cutting his nails too deeply.
  • He took a long rest and won his return race.
    He lost the next race and his winning streak came to an end at nine.
    He still holds the record for winning consecutive JRA flat races as of 2022.
    (When steeplechase races are included, Oju Chosan holds a higher record of consecutive wins than he did.
    For pre-JRA records, Dainana Hoshu, Kurifuji, and others have more consecutive wins than him.)
  • He suffered bowed tendon again while adjusting for the 1976 Tenno Sho (Autumn) after the Tankyori Stakes and retired.

His racing style

  • His racing style was unusual and attracted many horse racing fans.
  • He was nicknamed “狂気の逃げ馬 (the Insane Runaway Horse / the Crazy Runaway Horse / the Mad Runaway Horse).
  • The jockey, Yasuo Sugawara, said after he retired that he had a weakness and that is why he had such a racing style.
    The weakness was that Kaburaya O was so timid that he would be ruined if there were other horses nearby.
    Kaburaya O was a crazy monster in the eyes of other people and other horses, and it might be said that Lake Sprinter died because of Kaburaya O’s running.
    However, from Kaburaya O’s point of view, he may have been running in fear that the other horses were trying to kill him.

As a sire and About his family line

  • Kaburaya O was not treated well as a stallion because he was a small horse and his pedigree was not very good.
    His foals ran reasonably well, and his demand as a stallion was reasonably normal.
    In the end, his rating as a sire is about middle class.
  • His famous foal is Miyama Popy, winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup.
  • Other famous examples include Grandpa’s Dream, which finished 2nd in the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby).
  • His full sister, Miss Kaburaya, won the 1979 Queen Elizabeth II Cup.
    By the way, Miss Kaburaya, unlike Kaburaya O, was a horse that had a good finishing kick after staying in the back of the pack.
  • The family of his grand dam, Miss Nanba Ichiban, later produced such successful horses as Daitaku Helios, Daitaku Riva, and Daitaku Bertram.

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