King Kamehameha Sire Line

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King Kamehameha Sire Line

Posted in October 2022 – To be updated as needed (Latest update: October 2022)

Rulership (by King Kamehameha)

  • Rulership is a well-bred foal by Air Groove.
    Rulership sired foals that were active in middle-distance races on the turf.
    Just as Rulership himself was one step behind in the G1 races in Japan, his foals are also one step behind in the G1 races.
  • Of his foals, only Kiseki has won a G1 race in Japan.
    Kiseki is now a stallion and is expected to do well in the future.
  • Among his other foals, Mer de Glace won a G1 race in Australia.
    Mer de Glace is to be a stallion in Turkey.

Lord Kanaloa (by King Kamehameha)

  • Lord Kanaloa showed legendary performances in Hong Kong.
    He is a very successful stallion.
  • The birth of Almond Eye as his sire’s first foal greatly increased his demand.
  • To date, his colts who have won G1 races include Stelvio, Danon Smash, Saturnalia, and Panthalassa, with more and more to come.
  • To date, his only mare to win the G1 races is Almond Eye.
  • Unlike himself, Almond Eye and Saturnalia have done well in middle-distance races, but his foals are still often better in short-distance races.
  • Saturnalia is a member of Cesario family and is quite expected to be a successor to Lord Kanaloa line, especially as a stallion who is good at medium and long distances on turf.
    Danon Smash is an inexpensive stallion with a low breeding fee and is currently in high demand.
    Tagaloa, who was born in Australia and won an Australian G1 race, became a stallion in Australia.

Duramente (by king Kamehameha)

  • Duramente is perhaps the best piece of Japanese horse racing in recent years.
    He was the perfection of the “Japanese bloodline”.
    He died suddenly in 2021 after completing his fifth year as a stallion.
  • Since his death, his foals, such as Titleholder and Stars on Earth, have been very successful.
  • Titleholder is still active as a racehorse but is naturally expected to be a successor stallion.
    I hope that other successors will emerge from the juvenile foal he has left behind.

Stallions in King Kamehameha line with high expectations for the future

Rey de Oro (by King Kamehameha)

Chuwa Wizard (by King Kamehameha)

Mikki Rocket (by King Kamehameha)

Kiseki (by Rulership)

Other stallions in King Kamehameha line that were doing reasonably well

Leontes (by King Kamehameha)

To the Glory (by King Kamehameha)

To the World (by King Kamehameha)

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