Mihono Bourbon

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Name / Japanese Mihono Bourbon / ミホノブルボン
Birth Year 1989
Sex horse
Earnings 525,969,800 yen
Races-Win / G1-Win 8-7 / 4-3
Sire Magnitude
Dam (Sire) Katsumi Echo (Chalet)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Best Two-Year-Old Colt (1991)
JRA Award for Horse of the Year (1992)
JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1992)

All grade-races

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.
1991 08/12 Nakayama T1600 Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes (G1) 4 1
1992 29/03 Nakayama T1800 Fuji TV Spring Stakes (G2) 1 1 G
1992 19/04 Nakayama T2000 Satsuki Sho (G1) 4 1
1992 31/05 Tokyo T2400 Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 15 1
1992 18/10 Kyoto T2200 Kyoto Shinbun Hai (G2) 10 1 G
1992 08/11 Kyoto T3000 Kikuka Sho (G1) 7 2   
  • Mihono Bourbon was entrusted to the trainer, Tameo Toyama.
    Toyama thought Mihono Bourbon is a sprinter with only speed due to his family-line.
    Toyama did a hard training on him, lengthening the limits of distance he can run.
  • In the Asahi Hai Sansai Stakes, he barely won.
    It was his first G1 win.
  • He won the JRA Award for Best Two-Year-Old Colt (1991).
  • Before the Fuji TV Spring Stakes, he was said “the limit of distance” due to his family-line and the barely winning in the Asahi Hai.
    But he won by 7 lengths.
    (4th: Rice Shower, 12th: Sakura Bakushin O)
  • In the Satsuki Sho, the first classic race, he was a front runner as usual.
    He won with keeping the safety lead from beginning to end.
  • Before the Tokyo Yushun, he was said “the limit of distance” again.
    But he dominated as well as the Satsuki Sho.
    He won by 4 lengths.
    Rice Shower finisehd 2nd.
    Mihono Bourbon became a Double Crown horse.
  • Before the Kikuka Sho, he was said “the limits of distance” for the third time in total.
    Many people knew that he was trying to break the distance barrier by hard training.
    They expected him to become an undefeated Triple Crown horse.
    In the race, Kyoei Bowgun made a very fast pace.
    Mihono Bourbon was disturbed by Kyoei Bowgun.
    He was able to show a good performance to the end, but he lost to Rice Shower.
  • After that, he retired due to injury.


  • Before his debut, he did the slope training once a day.
    Many of the horses before their debut were exhausted even by the slope training once a day, but he was different.
    The number of his slope training increased by one and eventually reached four times a day.
    For a while, his slope training was five times a day, but he was really exhausted and returned to four times.
    He ate a lot of grass after finishing the slope training.
  • He was known by many nicknames, such as “坂路の申し子”,  “サイボーグ”, “精密機械” and “栗毛の超特急”.
  • “坂路の申し子” (the Heaven-sent child of slope / the Gift-child of slope)
    As mentioned above, he trained on the slope.
  • “サイボーグ” (the Cyborg)
    From his steel-like body.
  • “精密機械” (the Precision Machinery)
    He continued to run by about the same pace from starting to finishing.
    His lap-time in the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) was
    12.8 – 11.7 – 12.3 – 12.2 – 12.2 – 12.2 – 12.5 – 12.5 – 12.3 – 12.6 – 12.0 – 12.5  .
  • “栗毛の超特急”  (the Chestnut Super Express)
    From his hair color.
    By the way, his name “Bourbon” is often thought by foreign journalists to come from bourbon whiskey because of the color of his hair, but it’s actually different.
    The origin of his name is the Bourbon dynasty. (House of Bourbon) (Maison de Bourbon)
  • His catch phrase by JRA is “スパルタの風” (the Spartan Wind).

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