Mill George (Stallion)

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Name / Japanese Mill George / ミルジョージ
Birth Year 1975
Birth Country USA
Sex horse
Sire Mill Reef
Dam (Sire) Miss Charisma (Ragusa)
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As a Racehorse Briefly

  • He was born in the United States, owned by a Japanese, Kazuo Nakamura, and raced in the United States.
  • He won his first victory in his third race and in his fourth race he won with a good time and showed promise for the future.
    However, due to injury, he retired with two wins from four starts, becoming a stallion in Japan.

As a Stallion

  • His foals were especially strong in dirt races, and quite a few of them were also successful in turf races.
    Because of their strength in dirt racing, many of his foals were active in NAR.
  • He took the Japanese leading sire title from Northern Taste in 1989.
    (This is the title for Japan as a whole, including both JRA and NAR, and if limited to JRA, Northern Taste was also the leading sire in 1989.)
    The leading sires won by Northern Taste were 1982-1988 and 1990-1992, indicating that the horses by Mill George were very active in 1989.
  • Mill George is a representative Japanese sire of the Mill Reef sire line.
    In addition to him, Magnitude, sire of Erebus and Mihono Bourbon, is also a well-known sire of the Mill Reef sire line.
    The success of Mill George and Magnitude led the Japanese to buy many stallions by Mill Reef, such as Ibn Bey.
    In the 1990s, however, the stallions in the Mill Reef sire line did not do so well because of the success of Sunday Silence and others.
  • Perhaps because he was an inbred 3×4 of Nasrullah, many of his foals had rough temperaments.
    Inari One and Rosita are also well known for their rough temperaments, and his foals perform very well when their rough temperaments turn out to be a good thing.
    Of course, many of his foals were not successful because of their rough temperaments, which often turned out to be a bad thing.
  • He retired from stud in 1999 and died in 2007 at age 32.


  • His most famous foal, Inari One, was transferred from NAR to JRA and was very successful.
  • Rocky Tiger surprised many JRA fans by finishing second in the Japan Cup while belonging to NAR.
  • Rosita was active in NAR and became a NAR legend.

Foals that won the G1 races

Sire Line

  • Inari One is often considered a failed stallion like his rivals Oguri Cap and Super Creek.
    However, Inari One was quite successful as a stallion compared to Oguri Cap and Super Creek.
    However, he was not active enough to connect the sire line.
  • Osaichi George failed as a stallion.
  • An Anglo-Arab horse named Mr.George, by Mill George, became a successful stallion and left many foals.
    The Mill George sire line grew a little with Anglo-Arab horses, but declined when Anglo-Arab racing disappeared in Japan and Anglo-Arab horse production almost ceased.
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