Noah no Hakobune

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Name / Japanese Noah no Hakobune / ノアノハコブネ
Birth Year 1982
Sex female
Earnings 77,103,600 yen
Races-Wins / G1-Wins 10-3 / 2-1
Sire Arrow Express
Dam (Sire) Utrillo (Prompt)
Other site link  JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba

All grade races

Track Race No. Pl.
Hochi Hai Yonsai Himba Tokubetsu (G2) 2 8 G
Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) (G1) 17 1   
Kansai TV Sho Rose Stakes (G2) 1 11 G
Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1) 9 12
Hanshin Daishoten (G2) 2 / G
  • In the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), she was 21th favorite.
    She had won two of her previous six races and had never won a turf race before.
    The number of runners was 28, a full gate at the time.
    Noah no Hakobune overtook the 25 horses in front of her one after another on the home stretch and finished in 1st place.
    It was her first G1 win.
  • She didn’t do so well after that.
    Then, in the Hanshin Grand Prix, she fractured her hip bone.
    She was euthanized because the bone damaged her artery and she was bleeding badly.

Episodes about her, her jockey, her owner, and the Oaks she won

  • Her owner is Yuichi Odagiri, who is famous for giving strange names to his horses.
    Her name comes from the Japanese translation of the title of the Bible’s “Noah’s Ark.
    (Her name is a little foreign for a Japanese racehorse, but it’s not too strange.)
  • Her owner was not at the Tokyo racetrack on the day she won the Oaks.
    On the day she won the Oaks, her owner was not at the Tokyo Racecourse, but was at a game of the youth softball team he was coaching.
    He said, “I may be able to see the GI victory again if I continue to be a horse owner, but the childhood days will never come back.
    The next time a horse owned by him won a G1 race was in 2006, when Orewa Matteruze won the Takamatsunomiya Kinen.
  • She won the Oaks as the 21th favorite.
    The betting payout on her victory was 62.7 times, which is still the highest in history for Oaks as of 2021.
  • Her main jockey was Hidetaka Otonashi.
    He won his first G1 with her, but by the time he retired, he had only 84 wins and was not a successful jockey.
    But as a trainer he has successfully managed and worked with Orewa Matteruze, Company, Indy Champ, Chrysoberyl and others.
  • The jockey of Nakami Angelica, who finished 2nd in the Oaks, was Hiroyuki Nakajima.
    Nakajima was in the final stages of liver cancer at the time.
    (Nakajima himself was not informed of the details of his condition or how long he had left to live, but he overcame the objections of his doctors and left the hospital.)
    He wanted to die as a jockey, or at least ride in the Derby that year.
    He hadn’t shown any signs of being sick and hadn’t told anyone in the racing world about his health condition.
    He had a drink with Hidetaka Otonashi, the winning jockey, after the Oaks to celebrate him.
    The week after the Oaks, he rode a horse named Tosho Summit and finished 18th in the Derby.
    He was hospitalized again 9 days after the Derby.
    (At that time he was informed that he had at most three months to live.)
    He died of liver cancer 16 days after the Derby.

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