Opera House (Stallion)

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Name / Japanese Opera House / オペラハウス
Birth Year 1988
Birth Country U.K.
Sex horse
Sire Sadler’s Wells
Dam (Sire) Colorspin (High Top)
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As a Racehorse Briefly

  • He won his debut race as a 2-year-old by a whopping 10 lengths over second place.
    His promise was so highly regarded that he was the favorite in the preliminary betting odds for the following year’s Derby.
    However, he missed 11 months immediately afterward due to injury, and was not very active as a 3-year-old.
  • At four years of age, he won the Tattersalls Gold Cup and the Brigadier Gerard Stakes.
    In G1 races, however, he finished second in the Eclipse Stakes and third in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.
  • As a five-year-old, he further improved his skills and won the G1 race for the first time in the Coronation Cup.
    He also won the following Eclipse Stakes and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, making three consecutive G1 race victories.
    He was awarded the Cartier Champion Older Horse.

As a Stallion

  • He worked as a stallion in the JBBA in Japan since 1994.
  • He did not sire many winners, partly because the quality of his broodmares was not very high.
    However, he occasionally sired big names and became a representative of the Sadler’s Wells stallion line in Japan.
  • He effectively retired in 2012 and died in 2016.
  • There is anecdotal information that the number of breeding inquiries for Opera House increased when Meisei Opera was successful.
    Meisei Opera’s sire is Grand Opera, not Opera House.
    This misunderstanding arose because of their names and because Nihon Pillow Jupiter was beginning to make a name for itself in the dirt racing scene.


  • The first two of his foals that come to mind are T.M. Opera O and Meisho Samson.
    Looking at Opera House’s stallion records, it is clear that only in years with T.M. Opera O and Meisho Samson the AEI is considerably higher, and that their success has led to an increase in Opera House’s breeding frequency.
  • His foals are not very fast, but they are characterized by excellent stamina, smartness, and sturdiness.
    Perhaps because of these characteristics, his foals are strong in steeplechase races, and some people refer to him as “the Sunday Silence of steeplechase.
    (His younger brother, Kayf Tara, is also treated a good steeplechase-only stallion in Europe.)
  • Although his foals generally did not do well in dirt racing, it is fair to say that Nihon Pillow Jupiter, Yamato Marion, and Miracle Opera were among the top runners in dirt racing.
  • He was not a modern stallion, as his foals are basically active in the medium and long distances on the turf, and many of them grow slowly.
    Even today, he is considered a good stallion due to the success of T.M. Opera O and Meisho Samson.
    He could have been honored as a great stallion if horse racing had been based on the old values of producing sturdy, stable tempered warhorses.

Foals that won the G1 races

Sire Line

  • He was the first Sadler’s Wells line stallion to adapt to Japan, but there are currently no Opera House line stallions.
    Unless the owners of “Meisho” and “T.M. (T M )” are forced to keep it alive, the Opera House sire line will cease to exist.
  • T.M. Opera O (JBIS)
    The plan for him to join Shadai Stallion Station is no longer in place, and he has nearly become the private stallion of “T M “.
    He did have a good number of mares, but none of them became very successful.
  • Meisho Samson (JBIS)
    He joined Shadai Stallion Station and did reasonably well, but not very well.
    After leaving Shadai Stallion Station in 2014, his stallion record declined and he retired as a stallion in 2021.
  • Shingun Opera (JBIS)
    He sired Shingun Michael, winner of the J・G1 steeplechase race, Nakayama Daishogai.
    His foals are few as he is a private stallion to begin with.
    Moreover, Shingun Michael is a gelding horse and has already died, so there will be no successor to Shingun Opera.
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