Partholon (Stallion)

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Name / Japanese Partholon / パーソロン
Birth Year 1960
Birth Country IRL
Sex horse
Sire Milesian
Dam (Sire) Paleo (Pharis)
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As a Racehorse Briefly

  • Partholon was born in Ireland in 1960 and raced in Ireland.
  • He won the Irish National Stakes and the Ebor Handicap.
    His total record is reported to be two wins from 14 starts.
    Other results included sixth in the Irish Derby and fourth in the Irish St. Leger.
  • After his retirement, he was purchased jointly by Symboli Stud and Mejiro Stud to become a stallion in Japan.

As a Stallion

  • He is a Tourbillon line stallion.
    His great-grandmother, Coronis, also has a very Tourbillon-oriented pedigree.
    (Coronis Pedigree Table)
    His pedigree is characterized by Tourbillon.
  • He was a major stallion in Japan for a long time, becoming the leading sire in Japan in 1971 and 1976.
  • Because of his success, three of his brothers also came to Japan to become stallions, but they did not do much.
  • His fame was further enhanced by the birth of the Triple Crown winner Symboli Rudolf in 1981.
  • He died in 1985.
    Statues of him were erected at Symboli Stud and at Mononobe Shrine in Shimane Prefecture.


  • He sired Mejiro Asama in his second year, but in the early years he was often described as a filly sire because of the success of his fillies.
    He achieved the feat of winning the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) four years in a row as a stallion from 1971 to 1974.
  • Later, he produced good colts such as Sakura Shori and Symboli Rudolf.
  • His foals did well in middle-distance races on the turf.
    His foals did quite well in short-distance races.
    Few other than Mejiro Asama and Symboli Rudolf have been successful in long-distance races over 3,000 meters.

Foals that won the G1 races or the eight major races

  • 1966
    Mejiro Asama
  • 1968
    Kane Himuro
    Nasuno Kaori
  • 1969
    Take Fubuki (Her brother is Take Hope, a famous rival of Haiseiko.)
  • 1970
    Nasuno Chigusa (the sister of Nasuno Kaori)
  • 1971
    Toko Elsa
  • 1975
    Sakura Shori
  • 1981
    Symboli Rudolf
    Diana Tholon

Sire Line

  • The Partholon sire line is still in existence as of 2023 and is the oldest sire line in Japan.
    However, the number of breeding is very small at present.
    It is still in existence thanks to the prestige of its former great horses, but it is almost extinct.
  • Mejiro AsamaMejiro TitanMejiro McQueen line
    Mejiro McQueen did not produce a horse to win a G1 race as a stallion.
    As of 2023, a horse named Ginza Green Grass is active as a stallion.
  • Sakura Shori – Sakura Star O line
    Sakura Shori did not produce many successful colts other than Sakura Star O.
    Sakura Star O’s connections worked hard to turn him into a stallion after he was fatally wounded, but he was eventually euthanized.
  • Symboli RudolfTokai Teio line
    Symboli Rudolf did not produce any G1 winners other than Tokai Teio.
    Tokai Teio sired three G1 or JPN1 winners – Tokai Point, Strong Blood, and Yamanin Sucre.
    Since Strong Blood did not become a stallion, Tokai Point was a gelding, and Yamanin Sucre was a mare, no strong successor emerged.
    As of 2023, a stallion named Quite Fine is active.
    Quite Fine’s pedigree chart includes names like Tanino Moutiers, Shinzan, Tosho Boy, Mr. C.B., Symboli Rudolf, and Tokai Teio, a history of Japanese horse racing, making him a valuable stallion, but if this continues, the sire line is likely to be will cease to exist.
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