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You can cancel your vote and choose a different vote.
You can add more choices to your vote.
Note that if the poll box is long, it is collapsed.

Which race do you like best?

I am working on making it so that the links are automatically created, but it is still incomplete.
Also, please note that some of the links may be incorrect, so please point them out to me.

Who is the greatest sprint-distance horse? (Turf 1200 meters)

Who is the greatest mile-distance horse? (Turf 1600 meters)

Who is the greatest middle-distance horse? (Turf 2000 meters)

There are too many candidates on voting, so I have not listed many.
Many of them are combined with Mile Distance horses and Classic Distance horses.
If not, please add your own voting choices.

Who is the greatest classic-distance horse? (Turf 2400 meters)

As for results to be considered, think 2400m at Tokyo Racecourse.

Who is the greatest long-distance horse? (Turf over 3000 meters)

Who is the greatest mile-distance horse on dirt? (Dirt 1600 meters)

Who is the greatest middle-distance horse on dirt? (Dirt 2000 meters)

For now, the voting options are set up to allow users to increase the number of choices.
If you have any problems, please let me know in the comments or otherwise.

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