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Name / Japanese Prekrasnie / プレクラスニー
Birth Year 1987
Sex male
Earnings 304,020,600 yen
Races-Wins / G1-Wins 15-7 / 2-1
Sire Crystal Palace
Dam (Sire) Mitomo O (Vimy)
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All grade races

Track Race No. Pl.
Epsom Cup (G3) 6 1   
Mainichi Okan (G2) 12 1 G
Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 10 1
Arima Kinen (G1) 6 4   
  • In the Epsom Cup, he was 1st favorite.
    He won by 1+1/2 lengths.
    It was his first grade race win.
  • In the Mainichi Okan, he was 2nd favorite.
    Daitaku Helios took the lead and Prekrasnie was running second behind him.
    Prekrasnie overtook Daitaku Helios at the end to win by 1/2 lengths.
  • In the Tenno Sho (Autumn), he was 3rd favorite.
    Mejiro McQueen was by far the most favorite.
    White Stone was 2nd favorite.
    The three favorite gray horses, Mejiro McQueen, White Stone, and Prekrasnie, fought for the lead.
    Mejiro McQueen won the race by a whopping 6 lengths over the 2nd place finisher, Prekrasnie.
    /// Cross Running by Mejiro McQueen ///
    movie1   movie2   movie3
    In Japanese horse racing, there had been a disqualification system before, but it was in 1991 that the demotion system was introduced.
    Mejiro McQueen was demoted to 18th place, the lowest finish, for obstructing the path of the other horses just after the race started.
    There was a lot of controversy about this decision.
    As a result, Prekrasnie was promoted to 1st place.
    It was his first G1 win.
    This was the first time for jockey Teruo Eda to take on a G1 race, and the first time for him to win.
    But it was not Prekrasnie’s victory that the crowd saw, but Mejiro McQueen’s tremendous performance.
    It was a situation where Prekrasnie’s officials, not to mention the crowd, admitted that Mejiro McQueen was faster than him.
    The jockey and breeder who stood on the first place podium later said things like, “It was hard to stand there.
    (I heard that when the jockey said in the interview that Mejiro McQueen was strong, the crowd cheered, and there was some yelling at the podium.)
  • He finished 4th in the Arima Kinen and then retired due to poor leg condition.

His characteristics

  • He is an gray-haired horse, but his body was blackish and only his face was very white, which was sometimes used as a topic.

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