Sakura Star O

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Name / Japanese Sakura Star O / サクラスターオー
Birth Year 1984
Sex male
Earnings 196,326,600 yen
Races-Win / G1-Win 7-4 / 3-2
Sire Sakura Shori
Dam (Sire) Sakura Smile (Intermezzo)
Other site link  JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1987)
JRA Award for Horse of the Year (1987)
  • His dam, Sakura Smile, died two months after giving birth to him.
    When the farm staff arrived, he was trying to wake up the body of his dam.
    After that he was raised by his great-great-grand-dam Star Roch.
    The name “Sakura Star O” came from “Star Roch”.
  • Star Roch won the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) and Arima Kinen in 1960.
    As of 2020, she is the only filly ever to win Arima Kinen at the age of three.
    Star Roch died at age 30 two months before Sakura Star O debuted.

All grade-races

Track Race No Pl
Hochi Hai Yayoi Sho (G2) 1 1 G
Satsuki Sho (G1) 6 1
Kikuka Sho (G1) 9 1  
Arima Kinen (G1) 5 \
  • In the Satsuki Sho, the first classic race, he was 2nd favorite.
    He passed other horses in the home stretch and won by 2+1/2 lengths.
    It was his first G1 win.
    He had a rest due to injury after the race.
    He couldn’t run in the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby).
  • In the Kikuka Sho, the last classic race, he was 9th favorite because the race was the first one he returned from injury.
    He won by 1/2 lengths.
  • After the Kikuka Sho, his connections planed to rest him and prepare for next year.
    However, he became the number one spot in the fan vote of Arima Kinen (1987).
    His connections seemed to be requested by JRA to let him running in the Arima Kinen.
    His connections decided to let him running in the Arima Kinen.
  • In the Arima Kinen, he was 1st favorite.
    He stopped running on the last corner.
    He was injured that would be supposed to be euthanized.
    Due to the wishes of many fans and the enthusiasm of his owner, his treatment was continued.
  • In 1988, he was selected for JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1987) and JRA Award for Horse of the Year (1987).
    He had surgery, but he was getting weaker day by day.
    He was euthanized on May 12.

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