Silence Suzuka

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Name / Japanese / Hong Kong Silence Suzuka / サイレンススズカ / 無聲鈴鹿
Birth Year 1994
Sex horse
Earnings 455,984,000 yen (only Japan)
Races-Win / G1-Win 16-9 / 5-1
Sire Sunday Silence
Dam (Sire) Wakia (Miswaki)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Special Awards(1998)

All races in 1997 (age 3)

Track Race No. Pl.
New Comers 1 1 G
Hochi Hai Yayoi Sho (G2) 8 8 G
3yo Allowance 5 1  
Principal Stakes (OP) 11 1  
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 8 9   
Kobe Shimbun Hai (G2) 8 2 G
Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 9 6
Mile Championship (G1) 10 15
Sha Tin
Hong Kong International Cup (G2) 1 5 G
  • Silence Suzuka won his debut race by 7 lengths.
    He was so fast that he was once expected to be a future derby horse.
  • In the Yayoi Sho, he was the 2nd favorite.
    He stepped out from the underside of the gate before the starting gate opened.
    Therefore, he started from the outer most gate.
    He finished 8th.
    The winner was Running Gale.
    After this race he practiced for the gate test and passed it again three weeks later.
  • In the Principal Stakes, he was the 2nd favorite.
    He won and earned the right to run in the Derby.
    The 3rd place finisher was the winner of the Yayoi Sho, Running Gale, and the 2nd place finisher was the future winner of the Kikuka Sho, Matikanefukukitaru.
  • In the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), he was the 4th favorite.
    His trainer told his jockey not to take the lead right after the start, just like in the Principal Stakes.
    He ran third from the front, but tried to go further ahead.
    His jockey held him back as instructed.
    As a result, it was not a good ride.
  • Silence Suzuka couldn’t win a grade race at the age of three.
    He became temperamental during the race and could not run well.

All races in 1998 (age 4)

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.
Valentine Stakes 12 1 G
1998 15/03 Nakayama T1800 Nakayama Kinen (G2) 9 1 G
1998 18/04 Chukyo T1800 Kokura Daishoten (G3) 14 1 G
1998 30/05 Chukyo T2000 Kinko Sho (G2) 5 1 G
1998 12/07 Hanshin T2200 Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 13 1   
1998 11/10 Tokyo T1800 Mainichi Okan (G2) 2 1 G
1998 01/11 Tokyo T2000 Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 1 \


  • In 1998 (age 4),  he was changed.
  • In the Valentine Stakes, he won by 4 lengths.
  • In the Nakayama Kinen, he won by 1+3/4 lengths.
    It was his first grade-race win.
  • He broke the record-time in the Kokura Daishoten and Kinko Sho.
  • He always became the front runner and won every races.
  • In the Takarazuka Kinen, he was the 1st favorite.
    He won defeating Stay Gold, Air Groove, Silk Justice, Mejiro Bright and Mejiro Dober.
    It was his first G1 win.
  • In the Mainichi Okan, he showed a good performance.
    He was good at the counterclockwise Tokyo Racecourse.

    He won by 2+1/2 lengths.
    He defeated El Condor Pasa and Glass Wonder, who were a year younger and considered monsters.
    It was the first lose for El Condol Pasa and Grass Wonder.

    (Silence Suzuka is the only Japanese horse that defeated El Condol Pasa.)
  • So many people were fascinated by his “Getaway Show”.
    And they were certain that he would win a second G1 race at the Tenno Sho (Autumn), at Tokyo Racecourse, his favorite track.
  • In the Tenno Sho (Autumn), he was by far the most favorite.
    He became as usual the front runner.

    He was gaining more and more margin from the horses behind him.
    The crowd was watching a tremendous run.

    However, before the final corner, he suddenly lost speed.
    He gave up running due to fracturing of the left front leg.
    After all, he was diagnosed as not recovering and then he was euthanized.
    (The winner was Offside Trap.)


  • His jockey, Yutaka Take, said “Can only be described as a nightmare” , “There is no cause, different from not knowing”.
  • Yutaka Take later said
    “I was confident that Silence Suzuka was the best horse in the world at that time.”, “Silence Suzuka is ideal of thoroughbred.”,
    “Because El Condor Pasa, who Silence Suzuka defeated, would be active and succeed in Europe, I imagine what he would have done against the horses of the world if he hadn’t died.”
  • His connections planed to go to the races in USA 1999.
    It seems that his connections also were asked if he would be a stallion in USA.
  • Silence Suzuka’s Birth Day (1/5/1994) is the day that F1 racer Ayrton Senna died.
    That’s why some say he’s the reincarnation of Senna.

    The day, Silence Suzuka died (1/11/1998), was also the day that F1 Japan Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit was held.
    Therefore, the headline “Suzuka, Pole to Win” was printed in newspapers on that morning.
  • There were other horses that died while on active duty such as Rice Shower, Hokuto Vega, Sakura Star O, Ten Point and Tokino Minoru, but he is probably thought the most regrettable horse for his death.

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