Star Roch

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Name / Japanese Star Roch / スターロツチ (スターロッチ)
Birth Year 1957
Sex mare
Earnings 10,290,000 yen
Races-Wins  25-9 
Sire Harroway
Dam (Sire) Corona (Tsukitomo)
Other site link  JBIS / en.netkeiba
Awards Keishusha Award for Best Three-Year-Old Filly (1960)
  • Her brother Rising Winner was already the best 2-year-old colt when she was born.
    Despite her brother’s success, she was underappreciated.
    This was because she was poorly built.
    In the end, no owner came forward to purchase her, and she was bought and trained by JRA.
    She was trained by JRA, and the result was a horse with such a wonderful body that her producer was surprised to see her as a different horse.
  • Horses trained by the JRA were sold for a certain amount of money to applicants drawn by lot.
    Horses that went through this process were called “抽せん馬 (Lottery Horse)”.
    Some races were open only to lottery horses.
  • Star Roch would later become the most successful lottery horse.


Track Race No. Pl.   
Oka Sho 18 3   / G 
Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) 5 1  G 
Arima Kinen 6 1  G 
Keio Hai Autumn Handicap 6 1   

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  • She won the maiden race and two lottery-only races and ran in the Oka Sho.
  • In the Oka Sho, she could not catch up to the leaders by a whisker and finished 3rd.
  • In the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), she was the 9th favorite.
    She won by a neck.
  • In the Arima Kinen, she was the 9th favorite.
    The race featured a strong lineup of leading horses, including the Double Crown winner Kodama, the Tenno Sho winner Otemon, the Derby winner Komatsu Hikari, the Kikuka Sho winner Kitano Oza, and the Satsuki Sho winner Wildeal.
    Helios and Star Roch took the lead while the top horses were wary of each other.
    Helios stalled and Star Roch took the lead and went on to win by 2 lengths over Otemon.
    She was the second Arima Kinen winning mare, after Garnet the previous year.
    She was also the first 3-year-old filly ever to win the Arima Kinen, and as of 2022, no 3-year-old filly has won the Arima Kinen except for her.

Her Pedigree

  • She is a descendant of Craigdarroch, who came to Japan in 1926.
    Her name Roch is taken from Craigdarroch.
    (Craigdarroch is a descendant of Angelica, the sister of St. Simon.)
  • Her foals were not very active, but many of her descendants after her grandchildren were.

Star Roch Family Horses (JBIS)

  • Hard Berge: Satsuki Sho, Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (2nd)
    His post-retirement circumstances and the cause of his death are controversial and well-known.
  • Machikane Iwashimizu: Hanshin Daishoten (2nd)
    Although he did not do so well as a racehorse, he became a stallion because he is a full brother of Hard Barge.
    He became very famous thanks to the horse racing game “Derby Stallion”.
    The reason is that in Derby Stallion he was a stallion with no breeding fee.
  • Wako Chikako: Epsom Cup, Hakodate Kinen, Kyoto Kimpai, Kyoto Kinen
    The Kyoto Kim Pai was Olivier Peslier’s first JRA grade race victory.
  • Dantsu Judge: Lord Derby Challenge Trophy, American Jockey Club Cup
  • Leo Meister: Radio Nikkei Sho
  • Meisho Ramses: Fuji Stakes
  • Matikanetannhauser: Meguro Kinen, Diamond Stakes, American Jockey Club Cup, Takamatsunomiya Hai, Kikuka Sho (3rd)
    He finished third in the Kikuka Sho behind Rice Shower and Mihono Bourbon.
    He went on to win several G3 and G2 races.
    He had a unique name and ran many races, which made him very popular with his fans.
  • Sakura Shingeki: Sprinters Stakes, Keio Hai Autumn Handicap, Hakodate Sansai Stakes
    He won the Yushun Award for Best Sprinter in 1981.
    He is the older brother of Sakura Yutaka O.
  • Sakura Yutaka O: Tenno Sho (Autumn), Kyodo Tsushin Hai, Sankei Osaka Hai, Mainichi Okan
    As a stallion, he produced many successful horses such as Sakura Bakushin O and Air Jihad.
    Thanks to Sakura Yutaka O and Sakura Bakushin O, the name Star Roch is still listed in the pedigree charts of many Japanese horses today.
  • Sakura Star O: Satsuki Sho, Kikuka Sho, Yayoi Sho
    He won the JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt and JRA Award for Horse of the Year.
    He was a tragic horse with a great performance, and his untimely death can only be regretted.
    As I wrote in my post on Sakura Star O, Star Roch is the great-great-granddam and nurturer of Sakura Star O.
  • Osumi Roch: Kyoto Daishoten, Kyoto Kinen, Takarazuka Kinen (3rd)
  • Winning Ticket: Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), Yayoi Sho, Kyoto Kinen, Japan Cup (3rd), Kikuka Sho (3rd)
    His Derby victory means that the Star Roch family has won the Triple Crown of Classic Races.
  • Royal Touch: Radio Tampa Hai Sansai Stakes, Kisaragi Sho, Satsuki Sho (2nd), Kikuka Sho (2nd)
    He is the younger brother of Winning Ticket.
    He is also famous for being called “Sunday Top Four” along with Bubble Gum Fellow, Dance in the Dark, and Ishino Sunday.
  • Air Selecao: Niigata Daishoten
  • Kalista Glory: Crystal Cup
  • Dance Director: Silk Road Stakes (2016, 2017)
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