Sunday Silence Sire Line

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Sunday Silence Sire Line 

Posted in August 2022 – To be updated as needed (Latest update: August 2022)

  • The Sunday Silence line continues to develop in Japan.
    When Sunday Silence first came to Japan, many people did not expect that a single horse would have such an impact on the Japanese horse racing community.
    He rewrote the pedigree of the Japanese horse racing.
  • Up to the generation of Sunday Silence’s grand-colts, there are big names such as Victoire Pisa, Orfevre, Kitasan Black, and Contrail.
    However, no big name colts have emerged in the subsequent generations.
    I am both looking forward to seeing what happens to the Sunday Silence line from here on out, and also a little worried.

Major Sunday Silence Line Stallions

Deep Impact (Prosperity: Very High)

  • Deep Impact produced many G1 horses as a stallion.
    He was the most successful stallion of Sunday Silence colts.
  • His colts are such as Real Impact, Deep Brillante, Kizuna, Mikki Isle, Real Steal, Satono Diamond, Makahiki, Wagnerian, Fierement, Contrail, and Shahryar.
  • His mares are such as Gentildonna, Marialite, Harp Star, Mikki Queen, Vivlos, Gran Alegria, and Loves Only You.
  • Many of his foals have been active in foreign countries, including Beauty Parlour, Fierce Impact, Saxon Warrior, Study of Man, Fancy Blue and Snowfall.
  • He is especially good with broodmares by Storm Cat line stallions.
  • His colts are especially good at Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), winning it seven times.
    This is the first record in Japan’s history.
  • Many of his foals were also active outside of the ones mentioned above.
    It would be safe to say that there is already the Deep Impact line independent of the Sunday Silence line.
  • There are numerous candidates for succeeding him, but no strong successor is presently in place.
    It may all come down to Contrail, the Triple Crown winner.

Real Impact 

    • One of Deep Impact’s successors, Real Impact, sired the G1 winner Lauda Sion.
      He was also a sire in Australia and sired several successful foals.
      However, the performance of his foals may have been lower than what was required of him, and he was kicked out of Shadai Stallion Station and has been working at Yushun Stallion Station since 2021.


    • He is a stallion who is one of the successors to Deep Impact.
      The high average of his foals is his appeal, but only his mares Akai Ito and Songline have won the G1 races.

Stay Gold (Prosperity: High)

  • His racing results were not so good, but he was very successful as a stallion.
    His foals have won many races, especially in the grade races, and can be considered big-name racehorse producer.
  • His colts are such as Dream Journey, Nakayama Festa, Orfevre, Gold Ship, Fenomeno, Rainbow Line, Win Bright, and Indy Champ.
    The steeplechase champion Oju Chosan is also his foal.
  • His mares have been less successful than his colts, but include Red Reveur and Admire Lead.
  • He himself was produced by Shiraoi Farm of the Shadai Group but could not work as a stallion at the Shadai Stallion Station.
    Although he did not have the best environment as a stallion, he should be commended for producing many successful horses.
    (However, horses such as Dream Journey, Orfevre, Fenomeno, and Indy Champ were produced at Shadai Group farms.)
  • Orfevre and Gold Ship have had some success as his successors, but they are not stable stallions.
    Dream Journey did reasonably well as a stallion, but he was not very active because he was too small and was not good at breeding.
    Fenomeno and Nakayama Festa are no longer very active as stallions because they did not produce very good foals.
    His other successors, Win Bright and Indy Champ, are stallions of the near future.


    • As a racehorse, he was feared and respected as a “金色の暴君 (Golden Tyrant),” but as a stallion, he has not lived up to expectations.
      The only G1 winning colt is still Epoca d’Oro, his first yearling.
      Lucky Lilac, Marche Lorraine and Shonan Nadeshiko were the successful mares.
      His foals may be more appropriately suited to a small dirt track than a turf track.

Gold Ship

    • The mare Uberleben won the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), but the colts have not done much.

Heart’s Cry (Prosperity: High)

  • His colts are such as Just a Way, One and Only, Cheval Grand, Suave Richard, Time Flyer, Salios, and Do Deuce.
  • His mares are such as Nuovo Record, and Lys Gracieux.
  • Yoshida, who was produced in Japan and trained in the U.S., is also his foal.
  • The term often used to describe his characteristics as a stallion is “growth potential.
    Just a Way, Cheval Grand, and Lys Gracieux have shown great performance as if they had awakened as old horses.
    (However, Lys Gracieux can be said to have been active since the age of two.)
  • The first of his successors was thought to be Just a Way, but he had already been kicked out of Shadai Stallion Station and moved to Breeders Stallion Station.
    It is uncertain whether his successor will emerge.

Just a Way

    • Danon the Kid won the Hopeful Stakes, a 2-year-old G1 race, and Teorema won the JBC Ladies Classic, a JPN1 dirt race.
      He is a stallion that has been reasonably successful but not very distinctive.

Daiwa Major (Prosperity: High)

  • The phrase “Safe and Trustworthy Daiwa Major” is used by dealers at auctions, making Daiwa Major’s foals so reliable for horse owners.
    His foals are very strong in races as 2 year olds because they grow up fast and are good at short distance races.
    Horse owners are grateful for horses that have a high probability of winning at least one race.
    In 2015, he was the two-year-old leading sire, having previously been Deep Impact for five consecutive years.
  • However, his foals have rarely done well in races over 2,000 meters.
  • His colts are such as Curren Black Hill, Copano Richard, and Admire Mars.
  • His mares are such as Major Emblem, Reine Minoru, and Resistencia.
  • Some of his foals are active in dirt racing, such as Bulldog Boss, and Nova Lenda.
  • Curren Black Hill is doing reasonably well as a candidate for his successor sire, but the main candidate will be the up and coming Admire Mars.

Fuji Kiseki (Prosperity: High)

  • Fuji Kiseki, a first-year foal of Sunday Silence, who was a good stallion but once did not have many great foals.
    Gradually, however, his foals began to emerge on the Japanese horse racing world.
  • His colts are such as Kane Hekili, Fine Grain, Danon Chantilly, Sadamu Patek, and Isla Bonita.
  • His mares are such as Grace Tiara, Koiuta, Asian Winds, and Straight Girl.
  • He also worked as a stallion in Australia, where the Australian-bred Kinshasa no Kiseki was trained in Japan and was successful, and the Australian-bred Sun Classique was trained in South Africa and was also successful.
  • His successor sire is left with no choice but to look forward to the success of Isla Bonita.

Kane Hekili

    • He sired dirt horses such as Mitsuba, Trovao and London Town.
      It is very regrettable that Kane Hekili was late to become a stallion and that he died in an accident during his sixth year as a stallion.
      London Town will probably be his main successor for the time being, but he is not expected to be very successful.
      (I personally think that London Town might be better off in Korea than in Japan.)

Kinshasa no Kiseki

    • Although he was a reasonably good stallion, none of his foals ever won a G1 race.
      Currently his stud fee is private and he is not very active.

Gold Allure (Prosperity: High)

  • Gold Allure has produced several great dirt champions.
    Possibly the last remaining Sunday Silence line stallion will come from the Gold Allure line.
  • His colts are such as Espoir City, Smart Falcon, Copano Rickey, Graceful Leap, Chrysolite, Gold Dream, and Chrysoberyl.
  • His foals are mainly in dirt races, so his mares are not very active, but Lalabel is one of the most famous mares of his.
  • His successor sire Espoir City produced the winner of the JPN1 race Zennippon Nisai Yushun, but still not enough of an outstanding achievement.
    Expectations are high for Copano Ricky, Gold Dream, and Chrysoberyl.
    Chrysoberyl is at the Shadai Stallion Station, and the Shadai Group has said that it will focus on dirt racing from now on, so expectations are particularly high.
    (However, there are rumors circulating that Chrysoberyl is not good at breeding and cannot do the breeding count, which is a concern.)

Agnes Tachyon (Prosperity: Medium to High)

  • Agnes Tachyon became the JRA leading sire in 2008 after Sunday Silence died and his influence faded.
    He died early at the end of the 2009 breeding season.
    His foals, like him, became famous for their weak legs and frequent injuries.
  • His colts are such as Logic, Captain Thule, and Deep Sky.
  • His mares are such as Daiwa Scarlet, Little Amapola, and Reve d’Essor.
  • His main successor is Deep Sky.
    His successors have been successful in dirt racing.
    It can be said that Agnes Tachyon line is slowly declining.
    Since Deep Sky is no longer a stallion, the survival of Agnes Tachyon line is quite difficult.

Deep Sky

    • His foals Sound Sky and Kyoei Gere won the JPN1 dirt races.
      Clincher is also active in both turf and dirt racing.

Admire Aura

    • His dam is Biwa Heidi, which means he is the half brother of Buena Vista.
      He produced dirt horses such as Arctos, who won the Mile Championship Nambu Hai twice in a row.
      He died prematurely in 2015.
      Arctos is still an active racehorse and it is uncertain if he will be able to connect the sire line.

Manhattan Cafe (Prosperity: Medium to High)

  • Manhattan Cafe was the leading sire after Agnes Tachyon.
    He is a very good stallion in terms of AEI and other figures, but he has no great foals that could be called a monster.
  • His colts are such as Jo Cappuccino, Hiruno d’Amour, and Grape Brandy.
  • His mares are such as Red Desire, and Queens Ring.
  • Jo Cappuccino is doing reasonably well as his successor sire, but the survival of his sire line is getting tougher.
    It is also significant that Sciacchetra, who was considered a potential successor to him, died during his active career as a racehorse.

Neo Universe (Prosperity: Medium to High)

Victoire Pisa

    • Victoire Pisa is a horse with a flashy racing career, having won the Satsuki Sho, the Arima Kinen, and the Dubai World Cup.
      His first yearling, Jeweler, won the Oka Sho, but after that, no more of his foals won G1 races in Japan.
      He is now in Turkey.
      To be honest, I still can’t believe he is in Turkey, but I hope he succeeds there.

Zenno Rob Roy (Prosperity: Medium to High)

  • Zenno Rob Roy won the Autumn Old Horse Triple Crown by winning the Tenno Sho (autumn), the Japan Cup, and the Arima Kinen in the same year.
  • His foals include the Oaks winner Saint Emilion and the Japan Dirt Derby winner Magnifica.
  • Pelusa, a popular and famous horse that showed great potential but was too bad at starting, became his successor stallion.
    However, Pelusa has already retired as a stallion.

Special Week (Prosperity: Medium to High)

  • Special Week is a very popular horse because of his showdown with strong rivals and his Derby victory gift to jockey Yutaka Take.
  • His colts are such as Gold Blitz, Roman Legend, and Toho Jackal.
    He has a strong impression of a filly sire, but his colts were quite active as well.
  • His mares are such as Cesario, and Buena Vista.
    Cesario produced some great stallions as a broodmare.
  • There is little demand for Toho Jackal as a stallion.
  • Reach the Crown, a G2 winner, has been a stallion at Arrow Stud since 2013.
    Due to the success of his sire, Reach the Crown was moved to Shadai Stallion Station in 2016, but has been active again at Arrow Stud since 2021.
    He sired Crown Pride, who won the UAE Derby.

Black Tide (Prosperity: Medium but Expanding)

  • Black Tide became a stallion because he is a full brother of Deep Impact.
    (Incidentally, Black Tide’s full brother On Fire also became a stallion thanks to Deep Impact.)
    He became popular as an replacement stallion for Deep Impact and was ranked No. 1 in the 2012 First Season Sire Rankings.
  • He has only one foal that has won G1 races, but that one is the very big one, Kitasan Black.
  • His presence has increased somewhat since Deep Impact’s death.
    He is already an old stallion, but possibly he will produce another big one.

Kitasan Black

    • It may be too early to create a separate section for him, but his first year foal, Equinox, is active.
      His stud fee had also dropped but was again the same price as the first year.

Matsurida Gogh (Prosperity: Medium)

  • Matsurida Gogh, who is so strong at Nakayama Racecourse that he is called “Nakayama Meister”.
  • His foals are growing fast.
    None of his foals have won a G1 race.
  • He is a foal from the last year of Sunday Silence.
    He remains a stallion at Lex Stud today.

Suzuka Mambo (Prosperity: Medium)

  • Suzuka Mambo won the Tenno Sho (spring), but his performance was not so good as a racehorse to be a stallion.
    Perhaps the reason he was in pretty good demand from his first year as a stallion is that he is a close relative of Dance in the Dark and his dam’s father is Kingmambo.
  • His colts are such as Meisho Dassai, a steeplechase champion.
  • His mares are such as Meisho Mambo, and Sambista.
  • Meisho Mambo won the turf G1 races, Sambista won the dirt G1 races, and Meisho Dassai won the steeplechase G1 races.
    Suzuka Mambo and Timber Country are the only stallions to have won JRA G1 races in the three categories of turf, dirt and steeplechase.
  • The demand for him as a stallion, which had temporarily dropped, increased again due to the success of his foals.
    However, due to his poor health, the number of breeding was limited.
    He died during the 2015 breeding season.

Admire Max (Prosperity: Medium)

  • Admire Max, who had the potential to win a spring classic race but was unable to run due to injury.
    He then won the Takamatsunomiya Kinen and became a stallion.
  • He was a reasonably good stallion.
  • Admire Cosmos emerged as his successor sire, but died before becoming a stallion.
    It seemed as if the Admire Max line was doomed, but then K T Brave appeared.
    K T Brave became a stallion in 2022.

Gold Halo (Prosperity: Medium)

  • Gold Halo debuted at NAR instead of JRA, which is unusual among Sunday Silence foals.
    He did not have strong legs for a racehorse and could not race much.
  • As a stallion, he became popular because of the high winning rate of his foals.
  • His best known foal is Tokei Halo, who won G2 and G3 races and finished second in the Hong Kong Cup.
    Tokei Halo became his successor stallion.
    However, Tokei Halo is not in much demand as a stallion, so the Gold Halo line will have a tough time surviving.

Stallions that are currently disconnected or not mainstream

Dance in the Dark (Prosperity: Once High)

Admire Vega (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • Admire Vega is the foal of the famous mare Vega and winner of the Derby.
  • He produced two G1 winner mares, Kiss to Heaven and Blumenblatt.
  • At the age of eight he died prematurely.
    His full brother, Admire Boss, also became a stallion and had some success, but did not produce any G1 winners.

Durandal (Prosperity: Once Medium)

  • Durandal was active for a long period of time with his amazing finishing kick despite being a short-distance horse.
  • His foals have won middle-distance races as well.
    His most famous foal is Erin Court, who won the Oaks, a 2400 meter race.
  • He died after finishing his eighth year as a stallion.

Bubble Gum Fellow (Prosperity: Once Medium to High)

  • Bubble Gum Fellow won the Best 2-Year-Old Horse and won the Tenno Sho (autumn) at the age of 3.
    His brother is Candy Stripe, twice Argentina’s leading sire.
  • None of his foals have won a G1 race in Japan.
    Rockabubble, his foal in Oceania, won a G1 race in New Zealand.
  • He once sired more than 200 horses in a year, but his successor stallion never appeared.

Genuine (Prosperity: Once Medium to High)

  • Genuine, like Fuji Kiseki and Tayasu Tsuyoshi, is a first-year crop of Sunday Silence.
    He finished 1st place twice and 2nd place 3 times in the G1 races.
  • His number of breeding was quite high, but his foals did not win any G1 races in Japan, so the number of breeding decreased.
  • He also worked as a stallion in Australia and became quite a popular stallion.
    In 2004, he did not return to Japan, and worked only in Australia.
    His demand in Japan increased again because of the performance of a horse named Don Cool in Japan.
    Therefore, in March 2005, in the middle of the breeding season in Japan, he returned to Japan and did a lot of breeding.
    However, again, there were not many of his foals that were active in Japan.
  • Pompeii Ruler, born in New Zealand, won a G1 race in Australia.

Tayasu Tsuyoshi (Prosperity: Once Medium to High)

  • Tayasu Tsuyoshi is the first Sunday Silence foal to win the Derby.
    After the Derby, his performance was not so good.
  • He produced many foals.
    Among his foals, Man of Purser won the Derby Grand Prix of dirt racing.
  • He also worked as a stallion in Australia, as did others such as Bubble Gum Fellow and Genuine.
    Hollow Bullet won the G1 races in Australia.
    Jeram Special, his Australian-born foal, apparently won a G1 race in Malaysia, although not by international standards.

Marvelous Sunday (Prosperity: Once Medium to High)

  • Marvelous Sunday continued to perform very consistently good as a racehorse.
    He is ridden by Yutaka Take in all races and some say he is Yutaka Take’s best partner.
  • He became a popular stallion because his foals were quite successful, although they did not win any flat G1 races.
  • King Joy won the Nakayama Daishogai, a G1 staplechase race, twice.
    Marvelous Kaiser also won the Nakayama Daishogai.

Orewa Matteruze (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • Orewa Matteruze is a Takamatsunomiya Kinen winner who became popular because of his unique name.
    He is actually a horse with a good pedigree from Dyna Carle family.
  • His first year crop, Hana’s Goal, won the 2012 Tulip Prize, which increased demand for him as a sire.
    In 2012, he bred over 100 mares.
    However, in 2013, he probably wasn’t in good physical condition and was hardly able to breed, and he died in October of that year.
  • Hana’s Goal won the All Aged Stakes, an Australian G1 race, in 2014.

Royal Touch (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • Royal Touch, along with Bubble Gum Fellow, Ishino Sunday, and Dance in the Dark, was referred to as the Sunday Silence Top Four born in 1993.
    He is the brother of the Derby winner Winning Ticket.
  • His most famous foal is Asahi Rising.
    Asahi Rising won the Queen Stakes, a G3 race, and was a second-place finisher in two G1 races in Japan and a second-place finisher in a G1 race in the United States.
  • None of his foals have won a G1.
    Kakitsubata Royal was his successor as a stallion until 2020, but his sire line has been broken.

Ishino Sunday (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • As a racehorse, Ishino Sunday won the Satsuki Sho and also was active in dirt racing.
  • He was not in a favorable environment as a stallion.
    He worked in Chiba, Kagoshima, and Aomori prefectures, which are not mainstream places for thoroughbred production.
    Few of his horses have been successful.

Suzuka Phoenix (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • Suzuka Phoenix won the Takamatsunomiya Kinen.
    In terms of pedigree, he is a nephew of Epsom Derby winner Dr Devious and Takamatsunomiya Hai winner Shinko King.
  • He was not expected as a sire and his breeding frequency was low.
    His foals were few in number, but they were quite successful.
    The winner of the NHK Mile Cup, Meinel Ho O, is his foal.
  • Even after his foals were successful, his demand as a stallion did not increase much.
    Meinel Ho O did not become a stallion.

Admire Japan (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • As a racehorse, Admire Japan is a rival to Deep Impact, who was born in the same year.
    In terms of pedigree, his mother is Biwa Heidi.
    (This is the same as the aforementioned Agnes Tachyon – Admire Aura.)
  • He sired quite a few mares.
    His foals did reasonably well, but no G1 winners.

Miscast (Prosperity: Once Low)

  • Miscast finished second in a G3 race and third in a G2 race as a racehorse.
    He did not have a good racing result as a stallion.
    But he became a stallion partly because his dam is North Flight, the Mile Queen.
  • He was in little demand as a stallion and was treated like other minor Sunday Silence stallions.
    However, Beat Black is the only one of his foals to win a G1 race.

Agnes Flight (Prosperity: Once Medium to Low)

  • Agnes Flight is a Derby horse and brother of Agnes Tachyon.
  • In the beginning he was a cheap replacement for Agnes Tachyon, with a middling breeding frequency.
    However, his foals were not very successful, so his breeding frequency decreased.
    Even after Agnes Tachyon’s death, the demand for him as a stallion did not increase.

Air Shakur (Prosperity: Almost None)

  • Air Shakur is a double crown winner.
    He would have been a Triple Crown winner had he not lost to Agnes Flight by 7 cm in the Derby.
  • He died as soon as he started working as a stallion.
    His results as a sire are: 11 breeding times, 4 stud registered foals.

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