Symboli Rudolf

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Name / Japanese Symboli Rudolf / シンボリルドルフ
Birth Year 1981
Sex horse
Earnings 684,824,200 yen
Races-Win / G1-Win 16-13 / 9-7
Sire Partholon
Dam (Sire) Sweet Luna (Speed Symboli)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / netkeiba
Awards Yushun Award for Horse of the Year (1994)
Yushun Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1984)
Honours Japan Racing Association Hall of Fame (1987)

All G1 races

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.
1984 15/04 Nakayama T2000 Satsuki Sho (G1) 10 1   
1984 27/05 Tokyo T2400 Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 10 1
1984 11/11 Kyoto T3000 Kikuka Sho (G1) 5 1   
1984 25/11 Tokyo T2400 Japan Cup (G1) 12 3
1984 23/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 4 1
1985 28/04 Kyoto T3200 Tenno Sho (spring) (G1) 15 1
1985 27/10 Tokyo T2000 Tenno Sho (autumn) (G1) 17 2
1985 24/11 Tokyo T2400 Japan Cup (G1) 15 1
1985 22/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 6 1
Santa Anita Park
San Luis Rey Stakes (G1)   6 G
  • Symboli Rudolf was called Luna when he was small because of a moon shape on his forehead and his dam’s name.
  • In 1984 (age 3), a grading system was introduced in the Japanese horse racing.
  • In the Yayoi Sho, the trial race of Satsuki Sho, Symboli Rudolf was the 2nd favorite and Bizen Nishiki was the 1st favorite.
    Symboli Rudolf and Bizen Nishiki had won all their races since their debut, and their matchup had attracted a lot of attention.
    Also, both jockeys were Yukio Okabe, so it was interesting to see which one Okabe would choose, but he chose Symboli Rudolf.
    As for the race results, Symboli Rudolf won by 1+3/4 lengths.
  • In the Satsuki Sho, the first classic race, he was the 1st favorite.
    He finished 1st and his jockey Yukio Okabe raised one finger at the ceremony.
    But Symboli Rudolf blocked Bizen Nishiki in the home stretch.
    Yukio Okabe was suspended for two days.
    This race triggered a discussion about the introduction of a demotion system in Japan.
  • In the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), he won by 1+3/4 lengths.
    In this time, Yukio Okabe raised two fingers at the ceremony.
    After this race, an overseas trip was planned, but due to his injury, it was not carried out.
  • In the Kikuka Sho, the last classic race, he was 1st favorite.
    He won by 3/4 lengths.

    He became the first undefeated Triple Crown horse in Japan.
    His jockey raised three fingers at the ceremony.
  • In the Japan Cup (1984), he was expected to competed with Mr. C.B. that one year older triple crown horse.
    It was only two weeks for him from the previous race.
    He finished 3rd place. (1st: Katsuragi Ace, 10th: Mr. C.B.)
  • In 1985, he won the Tenno Sho (spring).
    He was injured before the Takarazuka Kinen and had to cancel the Takarazuka Kinen.
    He had also planned an overseas tour, but it was cancelled.
    He came back from injury to finish second in the Tenno Sho (autumn), and then went on to win the Japan Cup and Arima Kinen.
  • In 1986, he went to the U.S. and ran in the San Luis Rey Stakes, but finished sixth due to an injury sustained while crossing the dirt track, a feature of the course.
    He retired due to his injury.


  • His trainer said “There are no absolutes in horse racing. But there is definitely on Symboli Rudolf.”
  • Until he came out, the phrase “シンザンを超えろ (Beyond Shinzan / Passing Shinzan / Over Shinzan)” was often used in the Japanese racing world.
    The phrase has not been used since he was very successful.
    He became a legendary horse alongside Shinzan.
    (Shinzan won 15 races out of 19 races.
    He was second in the preliminary races four times but won all major races.
    He was called “五冠馬 (Five Crown Horse)” and “神馬 (God Horse)”.
    His running was called “鉈の切れ味 (Hatchet Sharpness)”.)

Stud Career


  • Symboli Rudolf was not very popular because he won too much and his way to win was not an exciting.
    Many people said he was boring because he was too strong.
  • Tokai Teio became very popular compared to Symboli Rudolf.
    Some of the reasons for this are his good looks and his success in recovering from his injuries, although he has suffered many injuries.
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