Toho Jackal

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Name / Japanese Toho Jackal / トーホウジャッカル
Birth Year 2011
Sex horse
Earnings 213,280,000 yen
Races-Wins / G1-Wins 13-3 / 4-1
Sire Special Week
Dam (Sire) Toho Gaia (Unbridled’s Song)
Other site link  JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
  • He was born on March 11, 2011, the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
    He then moved to Takeda Stable, a training center, for training in November 2012.
    His reputation at Takeda Stable was high and much was expected of him.
  • He was first scheduled to enter JRA’s stables in August 2013 and make his debut in the autumn.
    However, he developed a fever of unknown origin and viral pneumonia and enteritis.
    The symptoms of enteritis were particularly severe and he was hospitalized and treated for 19 days.
    He wandered between life and death and was lucky to survive.
  • His debut was delayed due to illness, and he was not registered to run in classic races.
    (The first registration for JRA classic races in Japan is at the end of October for 2-year-olds, and the second registration is at the end of January for 3-year-olds.)

All grade races

Track Race No. Pl.   
Kobe Shimbun Hai (G2) 2 3  G 
Kikuka Sho (G1) 2 1   
Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 14 4   
Sapporo Kinen (G2) 12 8  G 
Hanshin Daishoten (G2) 3 7  G 
Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1) 9 5   
Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 11 15   
Kinko Sho (G2) 9 11  G 
  • For a time it was in doubt whether he would be able to debut as a racehorse, but he debuted on May 31, 2014, the day before the Derby.
    He won his first race in July, the third race of his debut career.
  • In the Kobe Shimbun Hai, he was the 9th favorite.
    He finished 3rd, a head behind that year’s Derby horse, One and Only and Sounds of Earth.
    His third-place finish earned him the right to run in the final classic race, the Kikuka Sho.
    His connections announced his entry for the Kikuka Sho and paid an additional registration fee of 2 million yen.
  • In the Kikuka Sho, he was the 3rd favorite.
    He held a good position and began to make his move on the downhill before the final turn.
    He took the lead right into the homestretch and finished 1st without being overtaken by Sounds of Earth.
    It was his first G1 win.
    His Kikuka Sho victory in 149 days after debuting was the fastest in history, 35 days faster than Oken Bruce Lee 184 days in 2008.
    He broke the race record by 1.7 seconds, set by Song of Wind in 2006.
    He also broke the Japanese record by 1.5 seconds, set by Narita Top Road in the 2001 Hanshin Daishoten.
    Narita Top Road’s record was also recognized as the world record for 3000 meters on turf, so he broke it, making him the world record holder.
    (The world records are for reference purposes only.)
  • He was often out of condition after that, perhaps due to an illness in his early years or perhaps due to the tremendous run in the Kikuka Sho.
    He ran six races after that and retired without winning a single race.

His popularity

  • He is popularly known as the horse that was born on the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, overcame his illness, and won a big title.
  • His popularity was also due to the fact that he was the only Special Week colt to win a turf G1 race.
    Especially because he won the Kikuka Sho, which Special Week was unable to win after losing to Seiun Sky.
  • He is a “尾花栗毛 (Flaxen chestnut)” horse, another reason for his popularity.
    Flaxen chestnut horses are popular in Japan because they are considered good looking.
    Google image search “Toho Jackal Flaxen Chestnut”
    (Tosho Falco and Gold City are particularly famous as flaxen chestnut horses.
    Taiki Shuttle is also a flaxen chestnut, but his race performance is more talked about than his looks.)

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