Tokai Teio

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Name / Japanese Tokai Teio / トウカイテイオー
Birth Year 1988
Sex horse
Earnings 625,633,500 yen
Races-Win / G1-Win 12-9 / 7-4
Sire Symboli Rudolf
Blood Mare(Sire) Tokai Natural (Nice Dancer)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Horse of the Year (1991)
JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Colt (1991)
Best Horse By Home-bred Sire (1991)
JRA Special Award (1993)
Honours Japan Racing Association Hall of Fame (1995)

All G1 races + Sankei Osaka Hai(G2)

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.
1991 14/04 Nakayama T2000 Satsuki Sho (G1) 18 1
1991 26/05 Tokyo T2400 Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 20 1
1992 05/04 Hanshin T2000 Sankei Osaka Hai (G2) 2 1 G
1992 26/04 Kyoto T3200 Tenno Sho (spring) (G1) 14 5   
1992 01/11 Tokyo T2000 Tenno Sho (autumn) (G1) 15 7
1992 29/11 Tokyo T2400 Japan Cup (G1) 14 1
1992 27/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 5 11
1993 26/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 4 1
  • Before the Satsuki Sho, he won 4 times without being defeated since his debut race.
    No stick was used during the period.
  • In the Satsuki Sho, the first classic race, he was the 1st favorite.
    His jockey made a movement early.

    He won the race and his jockey, Takayuki Yasuda, raised one finger.
    Yasuda imitated the pose of Yukio Okabe, the jockey of Symboli Rudolf, the sire of Tokai Teio.
  • In the Tokyo Yushun, the second classic race, he was the 1st favorite.
    He was easy to win by 3 lengths.
    Yasuda raised two fingers.

    Horse racing fans expected him to win the Triple Crown.
    And if that were to happen, it would be the birth of two generations of Triple Crown horses, sire and crop.
    Furthermore, Symboli Rudolf was an undefeated Triple Crown winner, and Tokai Teio was also undefeated at this point.
  • However, he broke the left hind leg.
    His connections were forced to cancel the Kikuka Sho, the last classic race.
  • He returned and won the Osaka Hai (G2).
    He was expected to face Mejiro McQueen in the next race Tenno Sho (spring)
  • Before the Tenno Sho (spring), the showdown between him and Mejiro McQueen was highly publicized.
    Tokai Teio was the 1st favorite and Mejiro McQueen was the 2nd favorite.
    The high-profile race ended unexpectedly.
    He finished in 5th place and Mejiro McQueen won the race.

    He seemed to have an avulsion fracture on his right front leg shortly after the start.
    He was once again on his way back from injury.
  • In the Tenno Sho (autumn), the first race of recovery from injury for him.
    Daitaku Helios and Mejiro Palmer made the fast-pace.
    Tokai Teio was upset by the pace.
    He finished in 7th place.
  • In the Japan Cup, he was the 5th favorite.
    He won the race defeating the horses of the world.
    It was the first time a Japanese horse had won Japan Cup since Symboli Rudolf.
  • In the Arima Kinen (1992), he lost due to a bad condition.
    After the Arima Kinen (1992), he rested due to injury of left gluteus medius muscle.
    And he had a fracture during his rest, so his next race was decided on the Arima Kinen (1993).
  • In the Arima Kinen (1993), it was his first race back from injury in a year, so not much was expected of him.
    Biwa Hayahide took the lead in the home stretch.
    Tokai Teio passed Biwa Hayahide and won.

    The victory was called “奇跡の復活劇 (Miracle Come Back Show)”.
    This race, as well as the Arima Kinen in 1990 when Oguri Cap made a miraculous comeback, is an indispensable topic of conversation as one of the most famous scenes in Japanese horse racing.
  • After that his connections planned to continue his career but retired due to injury.


  • He was a very popular horse.
    The reasons for that are his running-form, his recovery from several injuries, and his good looks.
    His running-form is very well-balanced, dynamic and cool.
    Symboli Rudolf was a very strong horse but he was not a very popular horse because he won in a very boring way compared to Mr.C.B. and he was too strong to make the race exciting.
    The fact that Tokai Teio was so showy compared to his strong but modest and plain sire, Symboli Rudolf, would also be added to the reasons for his popularity.
  • Tokai Roman is his aunt.
    Tokai Roman was involved in the story of the birth of Tokai Teio.
    For more information, please visit Tokai Roman’s post page.

As a sire

  • Tokai Point won the Mile Championship.
  • Strong Blood won the Kashiwa Kinen.
  • Yamanin Sucre won the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies.
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