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Name / Japanese Vodka / ウオッカ
Birth Year 2004
Sex mare
Earnings 1,304,876,000 yen (only Japan)
Races-Win / G1-Win 26-10 / 18-7
Sire Tanino Gimlet
Dam (Sire) Tanino Sister (Rousillon)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Best Two-Year-Old Filly (2006)
JRA Award for Best Older Filly or Mare (2008, 2009)
JRA Award for Horse of the Year (2008, 2009)
JRA Special Award (2007)
Honours / Honors Japan Racing Association Hall of Fame (2011)

All G1 races + grade races she won

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.   
2006 03/12 Hanshin
Hanshin Juvenile Fillies (G1) 2 1   
Tulip Sho (G3) 11 1 G
2007 08/04 Hanshin
Oka Sho (G1) 14 2
2007 27/05 Tokyo
Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 3 1
Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 2 8 G
2007 14/10 Kyoto
Shuka Sho (G1) 16 3   
Japan Cup (G1) 11 4
Arima Kinen (G1) 16 11
Nad Al Sheba
Dubai Duty Free (G1) 12 4 G
2008 18/05 Tokyo
Victoria Mile (G1) 9 2
2008 08/06 Tokyo
Yasuda Kinen (G1) 5 1
2008 02/11 Tokyo
Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 14 1
Japan Cup (G1) 4 3
Nad Al Sheba
Dubai Duty Free (G1) 3 7 G
2009 17/05 Tokyo
Victoria Mile (G1) 6 1
2009 07/06 Tokyo
Yasuda Kinen (G1) 3 1
Tenno Sho (Autumn) 7 3
2009 29/11 Tokyo
Japan Cup (G1) 5 1
  • In the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies, she was the 4th favorite.
    She won by a neck over 2nd place finisher, Aston Machan.
    It was her first G1 win.
    She won the JRA Award for Best Two-Year-Old Filly (2006).
  • In the Tulip Sho, she was the 1st favorite.
    It was the first race for her to run with Daiwa Scarlet.
    Daiwa Scarlet’s jockey placed Daiwa Scarlet and Vodka side by side as if to measure Vodka’s finishing kick.
    In the end, Vodka won this race by a neck.
    However, this race was only a pre-race for the Oka Sho.
  • In the Oka Sho, she was the 1st favorite.
    Daiwa Scarlet’s jockey decided that she could not beat Vodka by her finishing kick and took the lead early.
    Vodka was unable to catch up to Daiwa Scarlet and finished 2nd.

    However the margin with 3rd place was 6 lengths, it was proved that the power of these two horses is outstanding.
  • Her next race will be the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) instead of the Yushun Hinba (Japanese Oaks).
  • In the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), she was the 3rd favorite.
    On the long homestretch of the Tokyo Racecourse she showed a great finishing kick.
    She was the first filly to win Tokyo Yushun in 64 years.
    She became the third filly to win Tokyo Yushun in history.

    (following Hisatomo in 1937 and Kurifuji in 1943)
  • After that, she mainly ran well at Tokyo Racecourse.
  • In the Shuka Sho, she was the 1st favorite and Daiwa Scarlet was the 2nd favorite.
    She lost to Daiwa Scarlet and finished 3rd.
  • Daiwa Scarlet won the JRA Award for Best Three-Year-Old Filly.
    Vodka was chosen for the JRA Special Award.
  • In the Tenno Sho (Autumn) (2008), Vodka and Daiwa Scarlet finished side by side.
    After 15 minutes of photo judgement, Vodka won by a close margin of 2 cm.
    Vodka DaiwaScarlet1 Vodka DaiwaScarlet2
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    This race was selected for the race of the year.
  • In the Japan Cup (2009), Vodka and Oken Bruce Lee finished side by side.
    Vodka won by a close margin of 2 cm.
    Vodka OukenBluceLee
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    URL= )
  • She ran four times in Dubai but couldn’t win.

As a broodmare

  • She worked as a broodmare in Ireland.
    Her owner took the way of having foals between her and European stallions, and then having the foals run in Japan.
  • However, her foals did not do so well in Japan, perhaps because European stallions were not so compatible with Japanese tracks.
    In 2018, her owner said, ” I have plans to bring her back to Japan and breed her to Deep Impact or others.
    But she died in 2019 and that plan never became a reality.
  • In 2022, her and Frankel’s colt, Tanino Frankel, became a stallion.
    Tanino Frankel does not have the blood of Sunday Silence or King Kamehameha (Mr. Prospector), he is large, and other Frankel foals are also active in Japan, so he seems to be in reasonable demand as of 2022.
  • The announcement of the breeding between Tanino Frankel and Scarlet Tale drew a great deal of attention.
    Scarlet Tale is a grand-crop of Daiwa Scarlet, which means that a son of Vodka and a granddaughter of Daiwa Scarlet were bred.
    As of May 2022, it is confirmed that Scarlet Tale was conceived.
    (JBIS’s Fictitious Pedigree Table between Tanino Frankel and Scarlet Tale)

Her name

  • She was born at Country Farm, the same as her father Tanino Gimlet, and was a racehorse for the owner-breeder Yuzo Tanimizu.
    Tanimizu’s horses are usually named “Tanino,” and her name was supposed to be “Tanino Vodka.
    However, Tanimizu decided not to name her “Tanino” because he thought “vodka should not be diluted with water.

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