Zenno Rob Roy

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Name / Japanese Zenno Rob Roy / ゼンノロブロイ
Birth Year 2000
Sex horse
Earnings 1,115,608,000 yen (only Japan)
Races-Win / G1-Win 20-7 / 13-3
Sire Sunday Silence
Dam (Sire) Roamin Rachel (Mining)
Other site link JBIS / Umanity / en.netkeiba
Awards JRA Award for Best Older Male Horse (2004)
JRA Award for Horse of the Year (2004)

All G1 races + grade races he won

Y D/M Track Race No. Pl.
TV Tokyo Hai Aoba Sho (G2) 11 1 G
2003 01/06 Tokyo T2400 Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) (G1) 3 2
2003 26/10 Kyoto T3000 Kikuka Sho (G1) 4 4
Kobe Shimbun Hai (G2) 2 1 G
2003 28/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 2 3
2004 02/05 Kyoto T3200 Tenno Sho (Spring) (G1) 16   
2004 27/06 Hanshin T2200 Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 3 4
2004 31/10 Tokyo T2000 Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 13 1
2004 28/11 Tokyo T2400 Japan Cup (G1) 9 1
2004 26/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 1 1
2005 26/06 Hanshin T2200 Takarazuka Kinen (G1) 6 3
2005 16/08 York
International Stakes (G1) 6 2 G
2005 30/10 Tokyo T2000 Tenno Sho (Autumn) (G1) 13 2
2005 27/11 Tokyo T2400 Japan Cup (G1) 8 3
2005 25/12 Nakayama T2500 Arima Kinen (G1) 3 8
  • Zenno Rob Roy was a highly rated horse even before his debut.
    His jockey Norihiro Yokoyama said “If I can’ t win with this horse, I can’ t win the Derby for the time being”.
    But he lost to Neo Universe in the Tokyo Yushun (Derby).
  • After that, he continued to lose G1 races.
  • In the Tenno Sho (Autumn 2004), his jockey was decided to Olivier Peslier.
    He passed about 8 horses in the home stretch and won.
    It was his first G1 win.

    Peslier decided to ride him in the Japan Cup (2004) and Arima Kinen (2004).
  • In the Japan Cup (2004), he was the 1st favorite.
    He won the race in the same way as the previous race.
  • In the Arima Kinen (2004), Tap Dance City made a pace as usual.
    Zenno Rob Roy followed Tap Dance City and passed him in the home stretch.
    He finished in 1st place.
    He broke the Japanese record time.
  • He awarded “the Autumn Old Horse Triple Crown” by winning the Tenno Sho, Japan Cup and Arima Kinen in 2004.
    He and T.M. Opera O are the only horses to win the award.
    And he also awarded the JRA Award for Best Older Male Horse (2004) and Japanese Horse of the Year (2004).
    Surprisingly, he was the first horse to win the Japanese Horse of the Year as a crop of Sunday Silence.
  • After that Peslier didn’t ride him.
    Not sure if it was because of that, but he never won again.
    However, he has done many good runs since then.
    When he went to the UK, he finished 2nd by a neck to the 1st place finisher, Electrocutionist.

As a sire

  • He is a sire such as Saint Emilion and Magnifica.
    There is 16 horses to win a grade-race in his crops.
    But it is hard to say that he was a great success as a stallion.

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